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GROUP RX - RIP classes
These are 1 hour barbell and steps classes to music. The focus is on light weights and high repetitions, with each track utilising a different muscle group. These classes are free for gym members or you can participate as a casual class pass participant. Bring a towel and bottle of water for the session. 

THUMP boxing for fitness
These classes focus on boxing for fitness and always have a focus on safety, technique and fun. Be prepared for a full body workout and to learn new skills. No previous boxing experience required. 45 minute to 1 hour sessions are available. contact us now for an up to date class timetable. 

A class for expectant mums throughout their pregnancy and new mums. Bookings are essential in advance as all participants are health screened before participating by a trainer. Focus is on pelvic floor, overall body strength and enducrance, this is a low impact no bounce class. Free for members, $15. for casuals. 1 hour duration bring a towel and bottle of water. Contact us now for an up to date class timetable. 

To supplement existing Personal training clients routines, these 1 hour sessions are a mix of body weight exercises and cardiovascular drills. Booking is essential as group numbers are capped. Group sessions can be conducted outdoors and indoors.

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